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1-Hour Protection from Sun Exposure (SST-108)

Sun exposure risks are often underestimated in the construction industry, yet they pose significant health threats, including heat stress and skin cancer. Prolonged exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can result in serious health issues for workers, especially during the peak summer months. Recognizing the importance of sun safety, New York City's Local Law 196 of 2017 (LL196) highlights the need for comprehensive safety training for construction workers and supervisors, with a focus on protection from sun exposure.

NYC SST - Specialized Elective: 1-Hour Protection from Sun Exposure is an awareness-level online course specifically designed for construction workers and supervisors seeking to obtain their Site Safety Training Card (SST). This course offers in-depth knowledge about the health risks associated with prolonged sun exposure on construction sites, covering crucial topics such as understanding UV radiation, identifying sun exposure risks, implementing risk assessment strategies, adhering to OSHA guidelines for outdoor work, adopting safe work practices to minimize UV exposure, emergency response to heat-related illnesses, and the effective use of personal protective equipment for sun safety.

Who should take this course?
This DOB-approved SST course is intended for New York City construction workers aiming to acquire an SST Supervisor card in compliance with Local Law 196.

Workers who will benefit from this training include:
  • Competent Persons
  • Construction Superintendents
  • Site Safety Coordinators
  • Site Safety Managers

1-Hour Protection from Sun Exposure (SST-108)

The risk of sun exposure in outdoor construction environments is often overlooked, yet it can lead to serious health concerns such as skin cancer and heat-related illnesses. The Protection from Sun Exposure Training course is a targeted program developed to educate construction workers and supervisors about the dangers of prolonged sun exposure in the industry. This course supports New York City's commitment to enforcing worker safety and health standards, particularly in outdoor construction settings where the risk of sun-related health issues is heightened.

Participants in this course will gain vital knowledge about identifying risks associated with sun exposure, implementing effective sun protection strategies, and understanding the importance of regular skin checks. The training encompasses legal requirements, health implications of UV radiation, and comprehensive measures to minimize exposure, including the use of personal protective equipment and the implementation of safe work practices. Through this training, construction professionals will be equipped with the necessary skills and understanding to maintain a safe working environment, ensuring both regulatory compliance and the safeguarding of their own health and that of their colleagues.

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