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SST 2-Hour Pre-Task Safety Meetings (SST-303)

The Pre-Task Meeting is a requirement under the New York City Construction code, but it is a practical tool to use to protect workers from injury or illness. A job hazard analysis is the larger version of the Pre-Task meeting, so this meeting is shorter in nature. It is encouraged that the workers participate in the meeting to build comradery.

The 2-Hour Pre-Task Meeting course is a DOB-approved Site Safety Training (SST) course for NYC construction workers seeking a 62-hour SST Supervisor card. In this training, you'll learn about the importance of pre-task safety meetings and how to plan and conduct them effectively. You can complete this course 100% online to receive two hours of DOB-approved Site Safety Training credit that you can apply toward your SST Supervisor card.

Who Should Take the 2-Hour Pre-Task Meeting Course?
This DOB-approved SST course is designed for New York City construction workers seeking an SST Supervisor card under Local Law 196.

Workers who require this training may include:
  • Competent Persons
  • Construction Superintendents
  • Site Safety Coordinators
  • Site Safety Managers

What is 2-Hour Pre-Task Meeting Training?

Promoting a safe and healthy work environment is essential, especially when workers are performing critical, complex, or potentially hazardous tasks. A Pre-Task Safety and Health meeting is necessary for these specific, high-risk tasks. In New York City, Local Law 196 of 2017 (LL196) requires that workers and supervisors receive safety training if their site’s designate a construction supervisor, site safety coordinator, or site safety manager.

Once fully phased-in, this law mandates that workers at certain worksites receive 40 hours of safety training and supervisors receive 62 hours of safety training. NYC SST - 2-Hour Pre-Task Meeting is an awareness-level online course designed especially for construction workers and supervisors preparing to earn a Site Safety Training Card (SST). It provides basic occupational safety and health practices, techniques, regulatory standards, guidance, and best management practices needed for successful pre-task meetings.

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