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2-Hour Site Safety Plan

The 2-Hour Site Safety Plan (SSP) Training is a crucial program designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of construction projects in New York City. This course is aimed at workers and supervisors who are involved in planning and executing construction projects, emphasizing the development and implementation of comprehensive site safety plans. In accordance with New York City’s rigorous safety regulations, this training underscores the importance of detailed planning to mitigate risks and ensure the safety of all personnel on the construction site.
Participants will gain insights into the creation of effective site safety plans, understanding how to address specific hazards and implement control measures. The course covers the analysis of site-specific risks, emergency response procedures, and compliance with local safety laws and regulations. By the end of this training, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop, evaluate, and execute site safety plans, ensuring a safer work environment for everyone involved.

In New York City, Local Law 196 of 2017 (LL196) requires that workers and supervisors receive safety training if their site’s designate a construction supervisor, site safety coordinator, or site safety manager. Once fully phased-in, this law mandates that workers at certain worksites receive 40 hours of safety training and supervisors receive 62 hours of safety training.

Who Should Take this Course?
This DOB-approved SST course is designed for New York City construction workers seeking an SST Supervisor card under Local Law 196.

Workers who require this training may include:
  • Competent Persons
  • Construction Superintendents
  • Site Safety Coordinators
  • Site Safety Managers

2-Hour Site Safety Plan (SST-301)

2-Hour Site Safety Plan (SSP) Training Objectives:

Understanding Site Safety Plans: Equip participants with the knowledge to understand the components and importance of a comprehensive Site Safety Plan, including its role in identifying and mitigating site-specific hazards.
Plan Development and Implementation: The course will guide participants through the process of developing and implementing a Site Safety Plan, ensuring it is comprehensive, clear, and tailored to the specific needs of the construction project.

Regulatory Compliance: Participants will gain an understanding of local and federal safety regulations, including NYC-specific requirements, ensuring that their Site Safety Plans are compliant with all legal standards and best practices in construction safety.

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